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Life PredictionsIf you trust in the horoscope and you are anxious about your future or in your profession or in jobs but you do not have any Janampatri then you acquire the help from the Predictions by birthday. Predictions by birthday are in fact so actual in our life because, by the only our date of birth, you can get any type of information about your future .When Astrologer comes to know about your birthday he can tell you about your future and nearby problems in your life….Read more

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Today Panchang | Daily Panchang

Today Panchang, Daily Panchang

                                                       DAILY HINDU PANCHANG

Year: Manmatha (1937)

Ayanam: Dakshinayana

Ritu: Sharad

Week: Tuesday

Month: Bhadrapada

Paksha: Shukla Paksha

Tithi: Dvitiiya 5:27 pm

Nakshatra: Hasta 7:37 pm

Yoga: Shukla 4:31 pm

Karana: Kaulava 5:24 pm,

Taitila Full Night

Varjya: 4:39 am+ – 6:29 am+

Durmuhurth: 8:30 am – 9:20 am, 10:57 pm – 11:44 pm

Rahukal: 3:16 pm – 4:45 pm

Yamaganda: 9:05 am – 10:36 am

Amritakaal: 12:54 pm – 2:42 pm

Gulika: 12:09 pm – 1:44 pm

Sunrise: 6:04 am

Sunset: 6:17 pm

Solar Zodiac: Simha Lunar

Zodiac: Kanya


Life Predictions

LIFE PREDICTIONS Love Prections Astrology

Life is a gift from the Almighty who chooses and writes three-fourthof our luck and leaves one-fourth in our hands constructed on our own Karma.Neither is our life stationary nor are the stars and planets that govern us. Manycase studies down the centuries have broadly confirmed these statistics.Jyotish, the Eyes of the Vedas, acclaims that each person gets an in-depthunderstanding of his/her horoscope, so that one may talk the quadrant of fortunethat remains in our control and make a healthier and satisfying life, one thataids a optimistic karmic journey.
Vedic astrology deals with seven planets and two lunular nodes (frequentlyknown as shadow planets) and how they impact you as per their locating in yourchart at the time of your birth. However these planets are not immobile andtheir movement

through the Vedic sky permits individuals to adopt a diverser Love Prections Astrologyoute in their life pathway. The growth of life through the years collectingexperience and maturity is the factual story of life.

There is a planetary mystery that unlike planets are dragging us indifferent orders causing confusions, incorrect changes while maturity and skillhelps us to choose the right dimension. With the life prediction report, you will get a customized summary of yourentire life based on your birth chart. This report is prepared using theancient and precisely accurate principles…READ MORE