tomorrow navratri start , HAPPY NAVARATRI

happy navratri 2015

                                    HAPPY NAVARATRI 2015

happy navratri 2015

Navratri is a nine days celebration devoted to Goddess Durga. Navratri is a Sanskrit word which truly implies nine evenings. Amid these nine evenings and ten days, Goddess Durga is loved in 9 unique structures, known as Navdurga. The tenth day is praised as Vijayadashami when symbols of Goddess Durga are drenched into the water body.

Navratri is commended in most Indian states. However Navratri is exceptionally well known celebration in the western conditions of Gujarat, Maharashtra and the southern condition of Karnataka. On the first day of Navratri, Goddess Durga is summoned into a Kalash with full Vedic ceremonies alongside droning of Mantras. The summon and abiding of Goddess Durga into the Kalash is known as Ghatasthapana or Kalashsthapana and is done at a fitting time.

In West Bengal Navratri is commended as Durga Puja. In West Bengal, Goddess Durga is revered on the most recent three days of Navratri and these three days are broadly known as Durga Saptami, Durga Ashtami and Durga Navami. It is right to say that Durga Puja in West Bengal is a littler variant of 9 days Navratri. Kalparambha and Bilva Nimantran amid Durga Puja, which is done on the 6th day of Navratri, is typically same as Ghatasthapana or Kalashsthapana in different states.

Hindu religious books propose 7 days Navratri, 5 days Navratri, 3 days Navratri, 2 days Navratri or even 1 day Navratri as a distinct option for 9 days Navratri.

Jyoti Kalash, Kumari Puja, Sandhi Puja, Navami Homa, Lalitha Vrat and Chandi Path are different well known ceremonies and occasions which are seen amid 9 days Navratri.

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