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If you are living in fear that you will lose your love to someone else then come to us to get the reliable and exact solution for this. Cast Love Spells To Strengthen Love Relation services that we offer to our clients. We have Swami Ji’s having vast knowledge in the vedic domain who help you in strengthening your love. This service can be availed by clients all across the globe at economical prices. We also assure that the secrets of clients are kept intact……….read more


Powerful Lottry Spells That Work Fast – win any lottery

We are instrumental in rendering reliable and result oriented services for performing Lottery Spells. These services are offered by our experts after carefully analyzing the kundli and other details of the person. Moreover, our guru ji and astrologers ensure that the solutions are clearly detailed to the person so that they can perform all the needful. Additionally, our guru ji ensure that all the spells are enchanted correctly so as to show positive results to the person……….read more

18 September 2017 Hindu Panchang –

Year: Hevilambi (1939) Today Panchang, Daily Panchang

Ayanam: Dakshinayana

Ritu: Sharad

Week: Monday

Month: Bhadrapada

Paksha: Krishna Paksha

Tithi: Trayodashi 1:08 pm

Nakshatra: Magha 11:23 pm

Yoga: Siddha 2:50 pm

Karana: Vanija 1:08 pm, Vishti/Bhadra 12:27 am+

Varjya: 11:45 am – 1:18 pm

Durmuhurth: 12:34 pm – 1:23 pm, 3:00 pm – 3:48 pm

Rahukal: 7:36 am – 9:07 am

Yamaganda: 10:38 am – 12:10 pm

Amritakaal: 9:04 pm – 10:37 pm

Gulika: 1:41 pm – 3:12 pm

Sunrise: 6:05 am

Sunset: 6:14 pm

Solar Zodiac: Kanya

Lunar Zodiac: Simha 12:06 am

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नवग्रह मंत्र के जप करने की विधि और फायदे

Our yogis and specialist babas are well aware of Navagraha Mantra that can be used to eliminate all kinds of daily life problems. These mantras are used in the Hindu vedic astrology for years and are highly effective. Navagraha Mantras can influence the planets in order to bring happiness and prosperity in the life. We carry out these Navagraha Mantras with the help of our specialist babas. This service can be availed by our clients at market leading prices……….read more

सबसे अचूक और सरल मोहिनी वशीकरण तंत्र मंत्र यंत्र


Mohini Mantra in Hindi is also provided by us at competitive prices. These mantras are also used to gain access to and control over another person’s mind. If used for positive purpose, these mantras can help you obtain best results. Mohini mantras are basically spells that can allure a person and also make him or her fall in love with you. These services are made available to the patrons at affordable pricing……….read more

16 September 2017 Hindu Panchang –

Year: Hevilambi (1939)

Ayanam: Dakshinayana

Ritu: Sharad

Week: Saturday

Month: Bhadrapada

Paksha: Krishna Paksha

Tithi: Ekadashi 4:30 pm

Nakshatra: Pushya 1:05 am+

Yoga: Parigha 7:43 pm

Karana: Balava 4:30 pm, Kaulava 3:35 am+

Varjya: 9:52 am – 11:24 am

Durmuhurth: 6:05 am – 6:53 am, 6:53 am – 7:42 am

Rahukal: 9:07 am – 10:39 am

Yamaganda: 1:42 pm – 3:13 pm

Amritakaal: 7:00 pm – 8:31 pm

Gulika: 6:05 am – 7:36 am

Sunrise: 6:05 am

Sunset: 6:16 pm

Solar Zodiac: Simha

Lunar Zodiac: Karka

Pandit kapil sharma (Astrology support)
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Mobile : +91 8875270809, 7891464004

रिश्तों मैं प्यार वापस लाने के उपाय –

Get Passion Back Into RelationshipIf there is no romance in the relationship between you and your partner, then it is obvious that you are not leading a healthy life. To have a full life, there must be romance in the relationship. Here at Bhadrakali, we are engaged in offering reliable solution that can bring back romance into your life. Our personnel with their vast knowledge in astrology, puja, vedic mantras can do wonders in a short period of time.

Romance back in your Relationship putting Romance back

A little wonder that romance is essential in all our lives for leading a meaningful way of life. We comprehend this necessity and have come up with excellent astrological and vedic solution to bring back romance in the lives & relationship of our clients by putting romance back. This solution is offered by our knowledgeable personnel having in-depth expertise in dua and other traditional ways. Our solution is economical and is carried out in a timely manner……….read more