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Bhadrakali Jyotish Darbar, a renowed astrology service in Jaipur since it is established in the year 1978, has been striving hard to provide great support to its customers in terms of Black Magic, Astrology and Vastu Consultancy facilities. We are the one of reliable firms which are providing these facilities in Jaipur, India. Astrology is a powerful phenomenon that helps in changing your life by alerting you about the possible changes or unexpected circumstances that can be experience in the coming days. As a part of our services are the Visa services, helping foreign aspirants to obtain visa easily and quickly…….continue reading



A permanent resident in any country is known to be a person who is not a native of that country but still has a right to live in that country for an indefinite time and also pursue education, continue to work and perform business and commercial activities in that country. Not all countries provide a chance to become a permanent resident. Some countries which provide though have some restrictions to its immigrant permanent residents that they cannot Vote, they may not apply for public sector employment, they may not join the armed forces, they cannot own a certain class of housing, they are not issues passport to that country, etc….continue reading.



Working authorities shall be very energetic. However, an acutedesire to take a short-term pause will be tangible everywhere – with Sun andMercury both in Gemini. The best period for a temporary vacation will be thisweekend. Incongruously, you may presume your email inbox to be overfull duringthis retro, whether you are in job or trade. Business-people may powerfullyfeel an urge or even a necessity to change their promotion plans/ policies. Ifthere is specific problem disturbing you on the business front, you may selectto avail Business Ask a Question – Detailed Guidance to clear your misperception…..continue reading.

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Today Panchang, Daily Panchang

                           HINDU PANCHANG Today Panchang, Daily Panchang

Year: Manmatha (1937)

Ayanam: Dakshinayana

Ritu: Hemant

Week: Saturday

Month: Aashvayuja

Paksha: Krishna Paksha

Tithi: Chaturthi 6:28 am, Panchami 5:10 am+

Nakshatra: Mrigashirsha 3:59 pm

Yoga: Shiva 2:32 am+

Karana: Balava 6:26 am, Kaulava 5:46 pm, Taitila 5:10 am+

Varjya: 12:18 am+ – 1:53 am+

Durmuhurth: 6:17 am – 6:59 am, 7:01 am – 7:45 am

Rahukal: 9:05 am – 10:32 am

Yamaganda: 1:26 pm – 2:50 pm

Amritakaal: 7:33 am – 9:06 am, 5:52 am+ – 7:26 am+

Gulika: 6:14 am – 7:42 am

Sunrise: 6:14 am

Sunset: 5:44 pm

Solar Zodiac: Tula

Lunar Zodiac: Mithuna 4:18 am

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Today Panchang, Daily Panchang

                             AAJ KA HINDU PANCHANG 

Year: Manmatha (1937)

Ayanam: Dakshinayana

Ritu: Sharad

Week: Thursday

Month: Aashvayuja

Paksha: Shukla Paksha

Tithi: Navami 11:55 am

Nakshatra: Shravana 1:30 pm

Yoga: Shuula 4:54 pm

Karana: Kaulava 11:55 am, Taitila 11:00 pm

Varjya: 5:11 pm – 6:44 pm

Durmuhurth: 10:03 am – 10:52 am, 2:42 pm – 3:29 pm

Rahukal: 1:30 pm – 2:56 pm

Yamaganda: 6:08 am – 7:42 am

Amritakaal: 2:13 am+ – 3:45 am+

Gulika: 9:08 am – 10:31 am

Sunrise: 6:11 am

Sunset: 5:49 pm

Solar Zodiac: Tula

Lunar Zodiac: Makara

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