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अगर आपकी शादी नही हो रही हैं शादी में प्रॉब्लम आ रही हैं तो पंडित जी से जाने इसका समादान..

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RELATIONSHIP ISSUES 2016  astrologer

Taurus and Capricorn
When Taurus and Capricorn originate together in a love match, it’s a real-world, functional partnership. These two Symbols share a certain down-to-earth sensibleness and interest in proficiency. Taurus is not concerned in risking more than is essential in terms of sensitive connection and participation,and Capricorn is similarly impartial in risk, but more in terms of currency and career. Capricorn’s career is one of the countless efforts of their lives;they’re interested in topping the heights and tend to set very high morals for them to adhere to. Taurus has high values as well, but regarding love, relations, and belongings.
These two Marks admire one another’s devotion and strength, but,while they have this in mutual as well as a trustworthy, truthful, somewhat traditional attitude to life (Capricorn other than Taurus), a love association between them can go decayed fast. They’re actually more rathe unlike at their centres. Taurus may begin to find Capricorn too traditional and obstructive; Capricorn may start to think Taurus is too indolent and doesn’t care adequately about career and position. If Taurus can cheer up Capricorn to ease a little and appreciate the fruits of effort, and if Capricorn can help persuade Taurus to accomplish goals and make ideas a reality, their merger can be smooth, joyful and long-lasting.
Taurus is administrated by Venus (Love) and Capricorn is administrated by Saturn (Karma). Venus is a warm, womanly energy while Saturn is a cold mannish liveliness. Venus is all about physical pleasures, the aesthetics of love, and the loveliness of art. All of these inspire Taurus and intensify their gratitude of life and love. Saturn, on the former hand, is about hard effort and self-restraint to achieve goalmouths. Taurus will show Capricorn how to adore a well-deserved disruption every so often and how to gain beauty and luxury. Capricorn can clarify Taurus to be more well-organized and to keep reaching out for what one wants.
Taurus and Capricorn are together Earth Emblems. This pair loves to pamper physical possessions. They want to own and be encircled by beautiful things— a beautiful home, fashionable clothing, comfortable cars, mechanism of art.Since they’re both such solid workers, they can frequently attain all these things, and scarcely ever need fight about clumsiness or abandon. Taurus is a SecureSign and Capricorn is a Fundamental Sign. Taurus people won’t change their thoughts once they’re made up. They hold a quiet, persistent willpower. Instead of finding this gloomy or preventive, Capricorn regards it as a good, cheering thing: Taurus is clearly devoted to the association.
What’s the best characteristic of the Taurus-Capricorn relationship?The likeness of their morals and their devotion to the same goals. Both partners enjoy amenity and nice things, and they share assets well. The mutual benefits make theirs a highly well-matched relationship.
Love Relationship 
In Love Relationship, we share our happiness and sadness, appreciate each other, give an enhanced space to each other, but always if there is any difficulty between us and some of the confusioncomes between a couple and it can break down a relation. So by the help of an astrologer, we can solve all these glitches which are related to love, love marital and love misinterpretation.
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शादी ना हो पाना । शादी में रुकावट आना । बात बनते बनते बिगड़ जाना- Astrologysupport.com

अगर आपकी शादी नहीं हो रही या शादी में कोई रुकावट आ रही हैं या फिर बनती बनती बात बिगड़ जाती हैं तो परेशान मत होवे ! पंडित कपिल शर्मा जी के पास है आपकी हर समस्या का समादान।marriage problem solution

 शादी के उपाय अचूक उपाय 

1. श्री देवी लक्ष्मी माँ की पुरे आदर भाव के सात पूजा करें और रोजाना ‘श्री सूक्तम’ का पाठ करें।
2. नियमित रूप से सरदा भाव के सात बड़ों का आशीर्वाद लें और अपने से छोटो से प्यार करे ।
3. अपनी मां का नियमित रूप से आदर करें और उनका पूरा ध्यान रखें।
4. भाभी जी का आदर करें और उन्हें कोई अच्छा उपहार दे।
5. ‘दुर्गासप्तशती’ से ‘अर्गलास्तोत्रम्’ का पाठ करें।
6. लक्ष्मीनारायण मंदिर में चूड़ियां और सौंदर्य प्रसाधन की वस्तुएं चढ़ाएं।
7. जिस ग्रह से आपको कष्ट मिल रहा है, उसका रत्न पहनें।

क्या आपकी कुंडली में मांगलिक दोष हैं