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01 March 2016     (Friday)         Bank’s Holiday, Sheetala Ashtami, Varshitap Arambha, Basoda.

03 March 2016     (Sunday)        Papmochani Ekadashi.

04 March 2016     (Monday)        Vaishnava Papamochani Ekadashi, Gauna Papmochani. 
05 March 2016     (Tuesday)       Masik Shivaratri, Pradosh Vrat.
07 March 2016     (Thursday)     Darsha Amavasya, Chaitra Amavasya.
08 March 2016     (Friday)          Chaitra Navratri, Gudi Padwa, Ugadi.
09 March 2016     (Saturday)     Gauri Puja, Jhulelal Jayanti, Matsya Jayanti, Gangaur.
10 March 2016     (Sunday)       Masik Karthigai, Vinayaka Chaturthi.
11 March 2016     (Monday)       Rohini Vrat, Lakshmi Panchami.
12 March 2016     (Tuesday)      Skanda Sashti, Yamuna Chhath. 
13 March 2016     (Wednesday) Solar New Year, Navapad Oli Begins, Mesha Sankranti.
14 March 2016     (Thursday)    Puthandu, Masik Durgashtami, Vishu Kani.
15 March 2016     (Friday)         Mahatara Jayanti, Rama Navami.
17 March 2016     (Sunday)       Kamada Ekadashi.
18 March 2016     (Monday)       Thrissur Pooram, Vamana Dwadashi.
19 March 2016     (Tuesday)      Mahavir Swami Jayanti, Pradosh Vrat.
21 March 2016     (Thursday)    Hazarat Ali’s Birthday, Purnima Upavas.
22 March 2016     (Friday)         Hanuman Jayanti, Navapad Oli Ends, Chaitra Purnima.
23 March 2016     (Saturday)    Vaishakha Begins.
25 March 2016     (Monday)      Sankashti Chaturthi.
29 March 2016     (Friday)         Kalashtami.


Hindu Festival 2016 – SANKASHTI CHATURTHI


In the event that you are lover of Lord Ganesha then you may be think about Sankashti or Sankashti Chaturthi.

It is a promising day devoted to love of Lord Ganesha. In Southern piece of India, similar to Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka the day is know as Sankashtahara Chaturthi.

This day is praised each lunar month on the fourth day (tithi) of Krishna Paksha (dim lunar stage or melting away stage)….READ MORE

Sankashti Chaturthi 2016 Dates

27th January 2016                 Wednesday            SankashtiChaturthi

26th February 2016                Friday                   SankashtiChaturthi

27th March 2016                    Sunday                 SankashtiChaturthi

25th April 2016                      Monday                SankashtiChaturthi

25th May 2016                       Wednesday           SankashtiChaturthi

23rd June 2016                       Thursday              SankashtiChaturthi

23rd July 2016                        Saturday               SankashtiChaturthi

21st August 2016                    Sunday                 SankashtiChaturthi

19th September 2016              Monday                SankashtiChaturthi

19th October 2016                  Wednesday           SankashtiChaturthi

17th November 2016              Thursday               SankashtiChaturthi

17th December 2016              Saturday                SankashtiChaturthi

indian Festival – Bhishma Ashtami 2016

Bhishma Ashtami 2016 :- bhishma

 Magha Shukla Ashtami is passing commemoration of Bhishma Pitamah, a standout amongst the most unmistakable characters of the immense Indian epic, the Mahabharata and this day is known as Bhishma Ashtmai. Bhishma bowed for abstinence and tailed it for the duration of his life. Because of his dependability and commitment to his dad Pitamah Bhishma was honored with aid to pick the season of his demise.

When he got harmed in the clash of Mahabharata he didn’t leave his body because of his shelter. He sat tight for the propitious minute to surrender his body. By conviction God Suryadev moves in South heading amid half of year which is ominous period and every favorable activitie are put off till Suryadev begins moving back in North course. Pitamah Bhishma picked Magha Shukla Ashtami to surrender his body and at this point Suryadev began moving back in North bearing or Uttarayana (उत्तरायण)….READ MORE