क्या करें अगर नौकरी में मंडराने लगे खतरा ? क्या नौकरी नहीं मिल रही हैं


अगर आपकी नौकरी में मंडराने लगे खतरा हैं या आपको  नौकरी नहीं मिल रही हैं तो अभी पंडित कपिल शर्मा जी से सम्पर्क करे और जाने उपाय  +91 8875270809, 7891464004 CAREER AND BUSINESS

Working authorities shall be very energetic. However, an acutedesire to take a short-term pause will be tangible everywhere – with Sun andMercury both in Gemini. The best period for a temporary vacation will be thisweekend. Incongruously, you may presume your email inbox to be overfull duringthis retro, whether you are in job or trade. Business-people may powerfullyfeel an urge or even a necessity to change their promotion plans/ policies. Ifthere is specific problem disturbing you on the business front, you may selectto avail Business Ask a Question – Detailed Guidance to clear your misperception.

With the path of time and all round growth there have expanded ahost of professions that it becomes problematic for us to identify a specific professionto settle down in life. There are many reasons far outside the control of theindividual that outline his/her qualified proclivity. Of course, the atmosphere,training and the mental inclinations also play a major role in determining yourcareer-route.

Businessand Profession Yoga in Kundli
Generally, it has been found that entrepreneurs are wealthier and richerthan the servicemen. The likelihoods to achieve success and growth are higherin business as related to jobs. This segment provides a person with ample of openingsto show his aptitude and receive profits. Due to other welfares of business, aperson wishes to do business rather than a job. On the one finger, business segmentis associated with supports while on the other hand, this area requires the potentialsof bravery to take risk and take the challenges. Absence of these potentialsmay face a huge loss in their business.

Position of Venus in Third House
If Venus is in the household of wealth and the third house is sturdyin the kundli, the person is concerned in business. This Yoga gives the person occasionto raise his wealth and prosperity. The third house is the dynasty of courageand daring. If this house is stout in the birth chart, the person is bold andhe can take risk in business. Venus is the sphere of wealth and success, and unrestrainedlifestyle. Therefore, due to the auspiciousness of this yoga, the person mayrun a industry of artistic items or amenity products.

Positionof Venus in Second or Eleventh House
When Venus is situated in second oreleventh house, the person makes profits in business. Also, if Venus is the instantlord and located in the third line or forms a relationship with the eleventhhouse, the monetary condition of the person gets upgraded.

Role of Rahu in Profession
Rahu is reflected as a malefic sphere in the kundli. It is said thatthe effect of Rahu on any house, sphere or emblem leads to malefic belongings.Rahu is censured for its adverse effects, due to which, people often overlookits optimistic effects. Association of Rahu and Ketu sanctifies the person withpractical knowledge. When these two spheres form a rapport with tenthhouse/tenth noble or eleventh house, the technical familiarity of the persongets improved. When Mars and Ketu form a connection, the person has theknowledge of active technology. Saturn gives the person information ofmachines. The positive effect of Venus gives the person knowledge to strategymachines. The influence of Saturn on Ascendant house delivers the person withthe qualities of mind-reading, in-depth information and aptitude to make plans..



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