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Magha Purnima otherwise called Maghi Purnima is a full moon day which falls in the month of Magh as indicated by the Hindu timetable. This is generally in the month of January – February according to the Gregorian logbook. It is the month in which the popular Kumbh Mela (held at regular intervals) and the Magha Mela (a yearly occasion) happens at Triveni Sangam (a conjunction of three streams) in Prayag or Allahabad.

Magha is a standout amongst the most hallowed months on the grounds that toward the start of the month the sun sets on its northern way. Magha Purnima is the last and most essential day of the month of Magh. It is viewed as a favorable day to scrub down.

Magha Purnima additionally denote the finish of the Magha month in North India. Along these lines, the full moon day of this current month is extraordinarily adored by Hindu aficionados particularly the admirers of Lord Vishnu.

Magha Mela which is a yearly occasion is held at Prayag in Allahabad and a large number of enthusiasts including explorers, underprivileged, ministers, religious austerity and the regular man clean up on this day.


Magh Purnima is revered as a ‘showering celebration’ the nation over and a plunge in the Ganga on this day holds high religious legitimacy. Hindu aficionados scrub down in the Ganga or Yamuna waterways each day of the month which starts from Paush Purnima and closes on Magha Purnima. The individuals who can’t make it to the holy waterway can scrub down in whatever other stream, stream, tank or lake which is viewed as blessed and propitious.

On this day, various showering celebrations are hung on the banks of heavenly streams such as the Ganga, Jamuna, Kaveri, Krishna, Tapti, and so forth. Individuals stroll for miles and miles to have the capacity to take a solitary blessed dunk in the stream. A dunk in the ocean at Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram additionally has high religious worth…READ MORE


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